Downtown Elko


The members of the Elko Downtown Business Association are actively involved in the future of the Elko Community and support continued communication and collaboration with the City of Elko and other parties. The DBA has continued to be a resource for information and advocate for downtown businesses regarding the proposed Downtown Redevelopment District. The DBA works to ensure that the new design truly reflects a progressive and prosperous future for the Elko community and the Downtown.

For more information regarding the downtown redesign and public input, visit the City of Elko Planning Department.

Adopt an Alley

The Adopt-an-Alley program, spearheaded by a collaboration with local business owners and the City of Elko, the program aims to utilize local volunteers to help clean up the downtown alleys. These groups will clean up designated alleys on a regular basis.

The ultimate goal for the Adopt-an-Alley is to continue the process of keeping our downtown clean. The alleys represent one of the biggest opportunity areas for improvement in the downtown.  We want to encourage businesses and others to take pride. We want visitors as well as residents to be proud of our community.

For more information, call (775) 777-7241.

Graffiti Removal

The Elko Police Department along with Elko County Juvenile Probation Department has launched a graffiti removal program. Trustees and juveniles sentenced to community service will be utilized to remove graffiti around Elko. The program will run each year from April to November/December depending on weather. Various techniques will be used to remove the graffiti, ensuring the graffiti is removed without damaging the surface. The Juvenile Probation department will seek approval from the property owners before removing the graffiti.

REPORT GRAFFITI IMMEDIATELY – 775-753-4603 ext 408, or email

Elko Public Transportation

GET My Ride
Elko’s Public Transportation is administered by Elko County. Dispatch (775) 777-1428

Elko City Route (Blue Line)
The Blue Line is a convenient bus route that cycles through the City of Elko with scheduled stops, several times per day. This bus can deviate from the scheduled route to provide some direct service (similar to Demand Response). For more information and route schedules, please visit Elko City’s Transit Service.